About 'West Coast Parkour'

Parkour and freerunning are activities, disciplines and sports that many people across a variety of ages are keen to explore. With so many taking to the streets aiming to learn and develop their physical abilities, it is a necessity that experienced and knowledgeable tuition is readily available. 'West Coast Parkour' provides knowledgeable, experienced and qualified coaches, where students of movement of all ages can gain an accurate and safe understanding of the discipline, its ethos and training methods.

Without professional guidance in our disciplines, dangers can be heightened as new practitioners attempt skills beyond their personal capabilities and strength levels. West Coast Parkour's guidance and training methods will maximize ones potential, physical health and well-being.

Our Journey

'West Coast Parkour' became established in Somerset in January 2009, where we now lead Academies in both Bridgwater and Taunton, with regular one-off dates (both indoors and outdoors) throughout the year. Over the last decade and a half we have delivered one-off dates and programmes in the neighboring county's of Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, including the cities of Bristol, Bath, Plymouth, Exeter, Truro, Gloucester, Salisbury and London. Other county's, cities and even countries are always a possibility.


West Coast Parkour is directed by Jacob Peregrine-Wheller, an experienced 'traceur' and full-time parkour coach from Somerset (England) who begun his journey in September 2003. Since teaching on a weekly basis since January 2009, he does his best to deliver the benefits of parkour to any who wish to learn, and so a few years later he became the first coach in the South-West of England to become level 2 qualified in parkour teaching (qualification name - 'ADAPT').

All Academies and classes are delivered by qualified parkour and free-running coaches.