" You have no idea the effect you have had on him and what he was going through before he started parkour - you have done for him what no one else was able to. "

" Sorry to interrupt your day but I just wanted to thank you, both on behalf of my son and also myself. You helped my son in the Wednesday 5.30pm free running class. He absolutely loves it, coming home excited and more confident in himself and his physical abilities. Thank you so much, this is the first activity that he's joined where his confidence has grown rather than diminished. Max describes you as kind, clever and really really supportive. I've yet to attend a class to watch as I'm working but I'm really looking forward to when I can come along and see him attend. Till then, many thanks. "

" Thank you for all you have done for Will as his parkour instructor at Quayside. He loves coming to parkour and you have really inspired him and help him develop not only his parkour skills but also his self confidence and self esteem. We are very grateful, and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. "

" I hope you realise how much parkour helps Cal. He struggles so much at school but is super cool in the class because of his parkour skills all thanks to your coaching. xxx "

" You've been a lovely teacher for the boys and they are very sorry to lose you. There were tears in the car in the way home! I'm sure they will all be please to see you during the 'fun days'. I'm glad you're not gone entirely! "

" Thank you for being so great with my two boys. You've really improved their confidence. Flynn did a drawing of you then realized he had no way to give it to you so I said I'd send it to you for him. You're honored by the way, I've been asking for a cartoon of me for months and I'm still waiting! You should feel very proud that you've had such an impact with my sons, and no doubt the rest of the children that attend. "

" Sorry to bother you, bit of a strange request, but for part of Hayden's homework he has to write about a sporting hero. He would like to write about you! "

" Dear Jacob, I just wanted to say that we love what you're doing and we're actively helping our son to engage his listening. Ray and I really appreciate your outstanding approach to the safety and enjoyment of all the kids in your classes, and especially your patience in dealing with the children when they stray outside the boundaries. "

" A belated thank you for Sunday. I have had so many parents say their girls had a brilliant time, best party ever etc etc. I will send your details on to all of them as some have mentioned they may do for one of their parties. Thank you so much to you for organizing things and to "your guys" for being so great with the girls. Maya had a brilliant time - she absolutely loved it. Even Danica (who slipped) said it was the best party she had been to! "

" It was an amazing party thank you. The children have been raving about it. I expect we will be back! "