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West Coast Parkour is a London & Somerset-based organization dedicated to promoting parkour as a transformative discipline for individuals aged 6 to 60. Our mission is to provide comprehensive training, foster creativity, and cultivate personal growth while prioritizing safety. Through inclusive community building and partnerships, we aim to inspire an active lifestyle, empower self-expression, and create a society where parkour is recognized for its physical and mental benefits.

NEW Parkour Academy in London

Exciting news is on the horizon for parkour enthusiasts in London! West Coast Parkour, the renowned parkour organization with a mission to inspire movement and

Parkour: A Lifelong Journey for All Ages

Parkour, a discipline that combines athleticism, creativity, and mental agility, is often associated with youthful energy and daring stunts. However, at West Coast Parkour, the

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Indoor and outdoor classes for ages 7-60+, holiday camps, merchandise, discounts and more.