We treat all of our students as the individuals that they are. Everyone is different, and we celebrate diversity inside and outside of parkour. We are excited to meet you! 

Director & Coach


Jacob visits and teaches in Somerset regularly, but lives in London where part of his time focuses on the charity that he is a founder of: ‘FREE YOUR INSTINCT’ (, who offer parkour parkour coaching for people living with mental health difficulties.

He loves to travel, both overseas and around the UK, meeting new and old practitioners, maintaining and expanding his knowledge, constantly growing with ideas and passion. As well as several weekly youth classes, Jacob has taught parkour for the blind, and regularly leads classes for over 60’s, autistic pupils and young adults with emotional and behavioral needs, making him one of the most versatile and well-rounded coaches in the UK.



7 years into West Coast Parkour’s journey, we have grown immensely and a new head coach was needed. The man for the job was Alex Grinter. Alex comes from a gymnastics coaching background, but his passion lies within parkour/freerunning. 

With W.C.PK’s vast knowledge, Alex has entered a profession that accurately reflects his personality, skill set and importantly – coaching content. Less than a year into his journey with us, he has become the second qualified level 2 coach in Somerset, where he now stands as Head Coach.

Alex’s knowledge covers both creative movement (somersaults, spins, kicks and more) and efficient movement (vaulting, climbing, jumping, running, etc), where his coaching ability will enable you to realise, unleash and develop your full potential. Alex keeps his mind and body active with other hobbies including circus skills, travelling, skateboarding and martial arts.



Adam, a new addition to the coaching team at West Coast Parkour, is an enthusiastic and dedicated practitioner on his way to becoming a Level 2 ParkourUK qualified coach.

Although relatively new to coaching, Adam’s passion for parkour shines through in his commitment to personal development and his eagerness to share his knowledge with others. As a coach, Adam brings a fresh perspective and a genuine enthusiasm for teaching. His empathetic nature and ability to connect with participants make him a valuable asset to West Coast Parkour’s growing community. Adam’s journey as a coach showcases the organization’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing opportunities for individuals to grow within the discipline.



Callan, a valued member of the coaching team at West Coast Parkour, is an engaging and charismatic coach who excels at building connections within the parkour community.

With a natural ability to connect with individuals of all ages and backgrounds, Callan creates a welcoming and inclusive environment for participants to explore their movement potential. His passion for parkour and his dedication to community engagement are evident in his involvement in organizing events and facilitating collaborative projects. Callan’s energy and ability to inspire others make him an instrumental figure in fostering a strong and supportive community within West Coast Parkour.




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